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Pittsburgh Automotive Detailing

Graceland Automotiveís full-service detailing and reconditioning packages offer you a complete range of services catered to your vehicle's specific condition and individual needs. We pay special attention to every aspect of your vehicle's interior and exterior, providing the most comprehensive detailing available. Our trained professionals are skilled in the art of detailing and offer you and your vehicle the attention you both deserve.

In the event you are having a vehicle repaired at Graceland, it is our policy to detail your vehicle before you pick it up. Not only is it repaired to its original state, but itís returned completely cleaned, detailed inside and out. This service includes hand washing the outside of the vehicle, and interiors completely vacuumed and small spots removed if possible. The inside is wiped down and all windows are washed to a spotless view. The trunk compartment is cleaned as well. It is followed-up with a fine glaze and if any small scratches or marks can be buffed out, they will at no charge.

Graceland Automotive prides itself on unparalleled care and service to both you and your car.

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